Rotating or other machinery is operated in virtually every industrial facility. The 'Machinery' can consist of wide range of equipment: from diesel engines to transformers. The size can range from a gearbox to an entire paper machine. Due to the fire hazard the machinery involves, a fixed fire protection system is essential. The high availability requirements and personnel safety emphasizes the importance of fire protection. Following systems can offer for Industrial Application. The fire risks normally involve accidental release of hydrocarbon liquids onto hot surfaces or overload in live electric apparatus. The fixed fire protection system for machinery must be able to quickly extinguish or suppress the fire and protect the surroundings until relevant personnel have full control of the situation. The system should not be harmful to people, the protected equipment, or the environment, whether set off in a fire or discharged accidentally. NewAge has following Products for Protection of the industrial Plants :
  • Hydrant System Hoses , Hydrant Stand posts , Hosereels, Hoses, Nozzles Water Mist System.
  • Fire Detection & Alarm System.
  • Gas Flooding Systems like FE-227
  • Smoke extractors
  • Portable High Expansion Foam Generators